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- Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy

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- permanent installation, Bossolasco, Italy
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- Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna, Austria

- Richard Nonas, lemmonscontemporary, NY

- Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna, Austria

- Tim Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI

- Tim Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI
- Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna Austria

- Erik Stark Gallery, NY

- Sophia-Maria and the Indians, Lawrence Markey Gallery, NY

- A Ghost in Every Kayak, Five Myles, NY

- Vienna, Austria. Galerie Hubert Winter
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- (Permanent instillation of the main square. 12 granite chairs in an 8m diameter circle.), Borös, Sweden.
- Detroit Institute of Art. (Permanent outdoor installation.), Detroit, MI

- MAMCO, Geneva Switzerland.

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- Andre Simoens Gallery, Knokke-Houte, Belgium.
- Person’s Weekend Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

- Wall Sculpture, Ace Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
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Outdoor installation: Cut Cord, Pori, Finland.
- Outdoor installation: How long settled in? Real lives: Mule Mountains, Bisby, AZ

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- Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
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- Sponsored by Bjorn Nordenhake and Nordic Sculpture, Broby, Sweden.
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- Installation of Outdoor Chairs, City Hall Park, New York, Sponsored by Public Art Fund.

- Richard Nonas., Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
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- (Sit, Still), Hoshour Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
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- Outdoor instillation New York, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
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- Equalizer. The Third Sculpture of the Boundary Man Series.
- Richard Nonas, Holly Soloman Gallery, New York

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- Richard Nonas, 112 Greene Street, New York

- Rochester Surround: 3 days/3 ways , University of Rochester, Rochester, NY-